At ARP Logística Clínica we have approved packaging for the protected transport of biological samples UN3373 and UN2814, complying with the ADR and IATA safety regulations. We offer isothermal packaging combined with refrigerant materials such as dry ice and refrigerant gels, prepared to transport UN3373 or UN2814 merchandise. We also work with biopots and safety bags.

Our temperature controlled packaging complies with GDP standards and is best suited for biological samples according to GMP. We transport and guarantee the controlled temperature of the samples, ensuring their traceability regardless of the means of transport used, whether by land or air. Our thermal boxes reliably maintain temperature. They are light and robust, reusable, cost-effective, and most importantly, they meet the demands of the GDP› Good Distribution Practice.

«Preserving the true integrity of the samples is only possible through specialized technical packaging that meets the quality requirements of the GDP Good Distribution Practice.»

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· Our isothermal boxes are especially suitable for sending sensitive products.
· They belong to a type of technical packaging crucial for maintaining a controlled temperature during transport.
· They provide a safe and reliable type of insulation.
· They are made of Neopor, an insulating material characterized by its excellent properties for insulation from cold and heat thanks to its high resistance to pressure.

· They are enormously resistant, providing great cushioning and high tolerance to possible shocks.

· They are totally insensitive to humidity and guarantee high thermal stability during transport.
ARP Logística Clínica › Envíos Biológicos a Temperatura Controlada


· Data-loggers have the mission of ensuring that the cold chain remains intact and at the right temperature throughout the whole supply chain.· They allow us to guarantee the integrity of the properties of biological samples.· We only use top brand controllers, which allow us to guarantee the quality and safety of each shipment, complying with the most demanding quality controls.
ARP Logística Clínica › Envíos Biológicos a Temperatura Controlada


· Labelling is essential for identification in the transport of goods, and ARP Clinical Logistics offers technical identification labels for any type of shipment and samples.· Danger labels are used to indicate the risks of each type of substance, they are to be placed on the goods or containers that contain them.· The labelling system is based on the classification of dangerous goods and has the following purposes:· Dangerous goods are easily recognized from a safe distance by the symbol, color and shape of their labels.· The risk is easily identified through internationally recognizable symbols.
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· Our cryogenic containers are designed for being used in biology, research and medical or pharmaceutical activities, among others.· They are mainly indicated for storing straws or cryovials.· They allow the guaranteed secure transport of biological samples and also canister and dry storage.· They comply with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/CEE, as well as with the international air transport regulations › IATA.· One of their characteristics is the use of nitrogen [ nitrogen vapor ], a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, non-combustible and poorly soluble in water, present in the atmosphere with a proportion of 78.1%.
ARP Logística Clínica › Envíos Biológicos a Temperatura Controlada


· Dry ice owes its name to its extremely low temperature, -80º C, which does not leave any residue when evaporating. It is also known as carbonic snow. It is an excellent refrigerant, ideal for preserving products sensitive to humidity.· It offers excellent antibacterial properties, making it an important component for the transport of our frozen products, both for the pharmaceutical and food industries.· At ARP Logística Clínica we have dry ice daily, and we deliver it in approved boxes that allow it to be frozen for up to 6 days.
ARP Logística Clínica › Envíos Biológicos a Temperatura Controlada


· Our Central Distribution HUB in Madrid has a refrigeration chamber at different types of temperature to safely store any type of sample, substance and animal. It offers different temperatures: · Refrigerated [ From + 2º C to + 8º C ]· Freezing [ -20º C ]· Pharma [ From + 15º C to + 25º C ]
ARP Logística Clínica › Envíos Biológicos a Temperatura Controlada


· At ARP Logística Clínica we have a fleet of vehicles prepared and adapted for transport at controlled temperatures.· They have temperature control and a GPS that indicates the data of temperature, humidity and situation of the vehicle in real time.· They provide traceability of cold and temperature during the journey. They are controlled one by one from the central.· Loading and unloading operations are supervised in depth.· Each vehicle is cleaned regularly, with an adequate disinfection to avoid contamination risks.· Each vehicle is subjected to a rigorous daily maintenance process, which ensures that the load will be in perfect condition. Specific checks are carried out both in the cabin and in the cargo compartment to certify the correct operation of the cold equipment, which guarantees maximum performance and benefits during transport.


ARP is a clinical logistics company specialized in controlled temperature biological shipments. We are the national leaders in the transport of laboratory animals.


ARP Logística Clínica has quality certifications that raise the level of demand in the standardization of processes in the shipping of biological samples, research animals and food samples.